Promotion WorkBench® was originally created to simplify the IT process for audit requirements by automating what would normally be a manual audit process.

Promotion WorkBench® Simplifies Auditing

Before Promotion WorkBench®, IT would have to determine which projects went to production, and based on that list, would have to look at the logs to say “when” which objects went to production. In addition, significant documentation would have to be manually compiled to give to auditors at their request, which can be monotonous and sometimes impossible.

Who needs it?

  • Auditors
  • Business analysts
  • Business owners
  • IT analysts
  • IT management
  • Project members

Promotion WorkBench® securely documents the lifecycle of the E1 project, thereby simplifying audit requirements. And with built-in workflow notifications, it sends emails to developers, business owners, business analysts, CNC and IT management each step of the way.

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“Promotion WorkBench® made my life as a BA so much easier because package promotion information for all environments can be viewed in E1. It is an incredibly useful organization and planning tool.”

– Business Analyst