It Starts with an Idea

sketch-01Someone wants exposure to inventory counts, someone wants to see what the cash flow is for the next six months……someone thinks the workflow for distribution would work better if the software accommodated it. And every idea requires that a report be written, an object be modified or a custom solution developed. Once an idea is conceived, a Business Analyst writes the specifications, they are the translators between that idea and the Developers themselves. The Business Analyst then takes the approved specifications to the Development Team, that group breathes life to the specifications through their development.

The Idea Comes to Life

Once the development is complete, the CNC Team is engaged to build a package and deploy that idea into a test environment where the Business Analyst and the original Designer have their first look at what that idea looks like in real time.

Sometimes that idea is delivered perfectly and into production.  Sometimes there are revisions and corrections that are needed before their idea is ready for real time.

sketch-02Just like a new car design, there can be many different roads that initial idea takes before it is introduced to the real world.  But how do you know where that idea is in the process? What Business Analyst is working on those specifications? What Developer is actually doing the creating? What CNC is responsible for the package build? What environment is that idea in currently?  Where ARE we in the process?

Promotion WorkBench® is where each idea comes to life and is documented from inception through development right to the deliverable.

Promotion WorkBench® Visibility

promtion-wrkbench-scrnshot-LGOn a single screen, the entire development workflow is visible, allowing anyone to see the status of their idea in real-time.  Promotion WorkBench’s workflow also streamlines the communication by allowing strategic notes between the Business Analyst, CNC and Development Team right within the software solution.


Built-in Workflow Notification

workflow-notifications-featureWhat if you aren’t signed into JD Edwards and want to know what the status of your idea is? No problem- automated emails are sent out to all stakeholders every time that idea of yours moves within the system.

Defining your Project

Have a design specification document that you want to make sure stays attached to your idea? Promotion WorkBench® has you covered there as well, allowing media object attachments to each project.  Whether you have a standard naming convention for projects or simply want a next number naming convention, Promotion WorkBench® was designed with you in mind, accommodating both.

Promotion WorkBench® Easy Reporting Access

excl-exprt-LGUsing Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne exporting function, Promotion WorkBench® data can easily be exported into Microsoft Excel for sorting and sequencing, giving Managers, Developers, CNC, Business Analysts and even Auditors the ability to access extensive information with ease.


Time for the Dreaded Audit?

Piece of cake- Promotion WorkBench® easily shows what objects have been changed during any specified time period on a single screen…tell that auditor, see you next year!

Promotion WorkBench®….created by JD Edwards users for JD Edwards users.

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