CTO at Advisional®, LLC.

Louis Frederick - CTO AdvisionalLouis Frederick, Advisional’s® CTO, is responsible for the company’s technology foundation and strategic development and management of the consulting team.

Louis began his IT career in the early 90’s with a local grocery firm. During his tenure there, Louis worked with the corporate IT staff to implement a home grown software system. Louis’ exposure to JD Edwards began in the mid 90’s when he took a position at a manufacturing company where he was the only employee that was dedicated 100% to the implementation project; during the project, Louis learned the technical and functional aspects of JD Edwards. Following the implementation of JD Edwards, Louis was tasked with providing end user support company wide. Louis continued his JD Edwards career at various companies, expanding his skill set to include development and CNC tasks while implementing and upgrading JD Edwards.

Louis’ vision to co-found Advisional® was built on the belief that Advisional® could provide an exceptional level of customer service by building a team of consultants who know JD Edwards as well as bring years of industry specific experience, thereby giving them the ability to be true customer advocates during an implementation, upgrade or system assessment.