CEO at Advisional®, LLC.

Donna Logan - CEO AdvisionalCEO Donna Logan, leads the strategic direction and business operations for Advisional®. In addition to managing day-to-day operations, she has developed long-term relationships to extend and expand Advisional’s consulting services and product capabilities to meet clients’ needs. Donna draws upon a wealth of industry experience that includes, agriculture, engineering and construction, distribution, financials, manufacturing, medical supply, municipalities, oil and gas, oil field services, pharmaceuticals, real estate, retail, and software industry sectors.

Donna’s exposure to Information Technology and ERP solutions began early on as a recruiter, focusing solely on technology. After working in the recruiting industry for only two years, Donna, then 25, established her own recruiting firm where she discovered a strong niche in the AS/400, JD Edwards’ marketplace. In 1996, as the JD Edwards market continued to emerge, Donna chose to evolve her recruiting practice into a full-service, multi-million dollar JD Edwards consulting firm.

As Y2K neared, Donna was approached to sell her consulting firm to a group of investors; having always desired to be a stay at home mom, Donna sold her consulting firm in 1999. However, she returned to the JD Edwards consulting industry when she bought back the then floundering firm in 2001 and once again built a successful multi-million dollar practice.

In 2003, a then unknown software company known as,, convinced Donna to merge her talents with their product and enter into a partnership selling their UK based reporting software. Donna was the first US based representative of Insight® and was the number one sales person in the world several years during her tenure. Due to her strong customer relationships and integral knowledge of the software itself, Donna was able to once again build a multi-million dollar company.

Enjoying tenures in both consulting and product sales, Donna chose to join both facets in founding Advisional®. Her goal is simply to meet her customers’ needs whether that be a best of breed software solution, or a consulting engagement to maximize a client’s ERP investment.